When will I get my package of happiness?
We deliver your order within 1-4 days. If you choose advance payment we will send you the package as soon as we can see your payment in our account. Depending on which bank you use it will take 1-3 business days before we can confirm that your payment is registered.
How do I know which size is correct and do I measure this?
The simples way to find out the correct size is by measuring, we have indicated the measurements for you, both length and waist. For dresses you measure the length from shoulder to feet and you will see at what place the dress will end. The indicated waist measurement is the maximum measurement for the dress. Remember that there is often a waist belt with the dress that you can use for tightening so it is a good idea to leave place rather than ordering a dress to small. For suits and tuxedos there are several measurements. Armlength is measured from the end of the shoulder down towards the hands. Tuxedos also have extra measurements, front length and back length. We have examples for different measurements:
Dress for a 2 year old (92 cm)
Length: 71 cm
Waist: 58 cm (maximum)
Suit for a 18-24 months old (86-92 cm)
Length: 37 cm
Waist: 58 cm (maximum)
Armlength: 28 cm
Leg length: 47 cm
Neckties come in 3 differents lengths (sizes) 23 cm, 30cm and 35cm. The length is measured from the top of the tie knot. The necktie have an elastic band around so there is no need for measurements of the neck.
If the size that I want is out of stock or if I can’t find the color that I want, what can I do?
Send us an email with your request and name the specific product in what size and color you want it. Also tell us what day the product will be used. With this information we will be able to find out and respond to you what possibilities there is for your request.
How much will I pay for shipping?
Our delivery cost is based on the products weight.
Our delivery cost is based on the products weight.
0-250 gram = 29 kr / 3,11 euro
251-500 gram = 49 kr / 5,25 euro
501-1000 gram = 59 kr / 6,32 euro
1001-2000 gram = 79 kr / 8,46 euro
2001- > = 150 kr / 17,02 euro
Free shipping if your order exceeds 1000 sek or 100 euro.
How do I pay?
Following methods for payment are available:
– Pay with credit card using PayPal. If you don`t have a PayPal account you can read more about it here.
– In advance: You can prepay your order to our account Bankgiro: 216-6890.
IBAN SE3750000000055021038583 the banks BIC: ESSESESS
As soon as the payment is shown on our account the order will be shipped.
– Invoice: Receive your merchandise and pay within 14 days (only Sweden and Finland).
– Part payment: Through Klarna account (only Sweden and Finland).
– Direct payment: Through your bank or with your credit or debit card (only Sweden and Finland).
Is it possible to order from my country?
At the moment we ship products to Denmark, Norway and Finland.