Why flower girl dresses and formal wear for kids?

How Elegant Kids started.

I had worked at Helenas Boutique for two years. During this time many customers asked me for kids clothes for weddings and parties. This is where the idea of Elegant Kids was born.
The vision was to reach as many people as possible and to make it easy for everyone to shop elegant clothes for kids. And that is why I started Elegant Kids as an web shop.
My one bedroom apartment quickly turned into a wearhouse, studio and office all in one. Now it was time to build the webshop. How do you build a webshop?
Back then E-commerce wasn’t a natural shopping channel as it is today. It was a big and fantastic challenge to build a new webshop and I learned a lot. I still do by the way, every day. By the end of October 2007 the webshop was launched.
On November 11th I got the first email saying ”New custom order”. That was a big day! The order was a golden dress in a size 9-10 years. I still remember the feeling when I wrapped the dress in silke paper and packed it. I remember the feeling when I walked to the post office with the package. A couple of days later I received a thank you-email from the customer telling me that they where very happy for the dress. That was really an amazing feeling and one of my best memories.

10 years later I still love to pack orders. It is always nice to see how the customers matches the outfits and to see all of the outfit combinations. I really appreciate when you send me pictures of the end result so keep on doing that! ??

The picture above is from our shop in Svedala

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