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A new year, a new website and a new blog. This year Elegant Kids celebrate 10 years! Time flies when you have fun. For ten years we have had the honor of dressing kids on some of the biggest of days. Fantastic!
This year there will be lots of exciting things happening and we have some big news. I will not reveal all at this time, but we will start with the new website and (our first) blog.
My name is Emilia and I`m the founder of Elegant Kids. I will be the one writing in the blog. I hope to fill it with interesting and inspirational news and tips of what we love the most. Kids fashion, weddings and birthday parties to mention a few. I will also update you about news and share some ”behind the scene” of Elegant Kids.

I hope you will follow our journey and I wish you a very warm welcome to our blog!

Emilia Crona
Emilia Crona

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